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MPO Cables are the most cost efficient and economical multifiber solution currently available. Each MPO cable may contain 8 to 144 individual fiber strands within a single assembly. This large quantity of fibers allows for an overall reduction in individual fiber patch cables. Reduces unnecessary strain on networking racks, and maintains hardware cost to a minimum. Higher performing MPO connector options are available. Including the standard MTP fiber connector and the MTP Elite connector developed by US Conec.

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Every 8, 12 and 24 fiber MPO cable assembly now features OptoSpan’s new and exclusive FiberShield technology. In order to protect against accidental damage normally associated with installations. FiberShield increases the amount of PVC and DuPont Kevlar by up to 3x that of standard jacketing. This process increases the diameter of each assembly from 3.0mm to 4.5mm. As a result the cable is up to 5x stronger than traditional jacketing without introducing metallic materials. Alternative options are available. Including OptoSpan’s SteelPatch and SteelFlex Armored fiber MPO cables. Which incorporate lightweight, rugged steel armor for additional strength.

The MPO Cable is most commonly used with high density fiber patch panels. Such as Ultra Elite or Ultra Density patch panels by OptoSpan. The rise of parallel optics has highlighted the importance of high density fiber cables by requiring additional fibers in order to achieve new groundbreaking transfer rates. Transceivers capable of 40G, 100G, and 120G have taken advantage of the 8, 12, and 24 fiber MPO connector. All while leaving 10G solutions in the digital dust. Fortunately, MPO Fiber Breakout Cables are able to painlessly retrofit existing 10G cabling infrastructure and transceivers for use with newer technology.

MPO Cable Fiber densities include 8 to 144 strands and may be ordered as follows:

8 Fiber – All fibers are contained within a single MPO connector with the inner most fibers left blank. These MPO fiber optic cables are most often used to establish 40G (40GBASE-SR4) in between two QSFP+ transceivers.

MPO 12 Fiber – Most commonly used to interconnect fiber patch panels and fiber cassettes. Therefore avoids running large quantities of LC fiber patch cables. Additional applications of the MPO cable include assisting in the migration from 10G to 40G rates by consolidating fiber strands to a centralized location.

24 Fiber – Available in two distinct configurations. Including two MPO 12 fiber cable connectors, or a single 24 fiber MPO connector. These MPO connector densities are currently the most popular. And provide compatibility with common devices. Such as QSFP+ and CXP transceivers for 40G and 100G rates.

All other higher fiber counts up to 144 fibers are essentially a combination of the above configurations. For example, a 48 fiber cable comes with either a pair of two 24 fiber MPO connectors. Or a pair of four MPO 12 fiber connectors. Custom MPO connector configurations are available and may be specially ordered by contacting our sales team.

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