MPO-MPO Fiber Cables

MPO-MPO Fiber Cables

MTP FiberShield Specifications

The MPO Fiber Cable is the most economical multifiber networking solution available from OptoSpan. Available in 8 to 144 fibers, these cables are able to move large amounts of data quickly and efficiently. Most commonly used to interconnect high density patch panels together. Each MPO to MPO cable is easily configurable with pinned (male) or non-pinned (female) connectors. Available in lengths from 1 meter up to 150 meters. Additional lengths available upon special request. Alternative multifiber cables are also available and utilize a higher performing version of the MPO connector. Including the standard MTP fiber connector and MTP Elite connector developed by US Conec.

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All of the 8, 12 and 24 fiber multifiber MPO fiber cable assemblies by OptoSpan feature FiberShield technology. This new innovation increases the amount of PVC and DuPont Kevlar by up to 3 times the amount. This results in a cable only 1.5mm thicker than standard jacketing. This increase in protective material allows each cable to resist damage up to 5x more effectively than standard 3.0mm cables.

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MPO Fiber Cable & MPO Connector configurations include the following:

MPO to MPO 8 Fiber – Most commonly used to establish 40G (40GBASE-SR4) links in between two QSFP+ transceivers. Additional applications include creating back-end trunk connections. Although higher density 12 fiber connectors are preferred.

MPO-MPO 12 Fiber – Among the most popular multifiber count to use when interconnecting high density patch panels. MPO 12 fiber connectors are abundantly found in the field and remain the connector of choice for most applications. Each 12 fiber MPO connector is able to establish a single 40G link. But are more often used to establish back end trunk connections.

MPO MPO 24 Fiber – The introduction of parallel optics has enabled much faster data transmission rates and highlighted the need for high density connectors. The 24 fiber MPO connector is able to deliver three individual 40G links. This includes a single 100G link, or a 120GB link using QSFP+ & CXP transceivers. In order to accommodate clients wishing to run at 40G while providing a simple upgrade path to 100G, 24 fiber and higher count cables are available in two convenient configurations. For example, a single 24 MPO fiber cable may be ordered with a single set of 24 fiber connectors, or a set of two 12 fiber connectors. This allows a network architect to consolidate large multifiber assemblies into a single harness. While simultaneously ensuring full compatibility with the most popular devices and cutting edge equipment.

MPO Fiber Cables with a higher density are essentially combinations of the above mentioned fibers. Custom configurations are available upon request and may include cable length, fiber count, and permutations of fibers.

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  1. 8 Fiber MPO 68
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