Armored Fiber Cables

Armored Fiber Cables

Armored Fiber Cables

OptoSpan presents the SteelPatch and SteelFlex armored series of premium fiber optic cable assemblies. Both series of ruggedized assemblies feature military grade steel jacketing and allow for optical fiber being installed in most hazardous of environments. Including, yet not limited to areas with excessive dust, oil, gas, moisture, or damage causing rodents and pests. The steel jacket provides unparalleled protection against physical damage without sacrificing flexibility or functionality of fiber optic communications.

The premier series of SteelFlex Armored cables feature the exclusive and patent pending OptoLock mechanism which locks the steel metal tube into position by overlapping links. This unique design results in an unmatched rugged, yet light-weight cable featuring maximum flexibility.

Available in a variety of Single-mode (OS2) and Optical Multimode (OMx) configurations and terminated with common connectors (LC, SC etc.) or multi-fiber connectors like MPO, MTP and MTP Elite.

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SteelFlex Armored Cables

SteelFlex Armored Fiber Cables

SteelPatch Armored Cables

SteelPatch Armored Fiber Cables

SteelFlex Armored Cable Specifications

 SteelFlex Armored Specifications

SteelPatch Armored Cable Specifications

 SteelPatch Armored Specifications