Specialty Fiber Optic Cables

Specialty Fiber Optic Cables

Specialty Fiber Optic Cables

As real-world applications often present their own unique obstacles, OptoSpan responds with a diverse selection of premium specialty fiber optic cables. Each specialty line has been designed to improve performance and reliability within even the most complex fiber optic networks in demanding environments including low loss transmission, improved connector designs, security, and weatherproofing.

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LCElite™ Ultra Low Loss

LCElite™ Ultra Low Loss

UltraHD™ High Density Fiber Cables

UltraHD™ High Density

FieldSwitch™ Uniboot Duplex Fiber Cables

FieldSwitch™ Uniboot Duplex

SecureFlex™ Secure Locking Fiber Cables

SecureFlex™ Secure Locking

IP68 Weatherproof LC/MPO Fiber Cables

IP68 Weatherproof LC/MPO

LCTrace™ LED Traceable Fiber Cables

LCTrace™ LED Traceable