SteelPatch Armored Cables

SteelPatch Armored Cables

SteelPatch Armored Cables

SteelPatch Armored Cables have been developed for use in unpredictable indoor environments. SteelPatch Armor is composed of military grade steel, which allows each fiber strand to be individually protected.

SteelPatch Armored Specifications

These armored fiber cables are 7x more reliable than standard fiber cables, yet retain full flexibility and remain super lightweight. These premium armored fiber cables provide a reliable high performance solution in areas previously believed uninhabitable.

SteelPatch armor is available on a wide range of fiber cables including simplex, duplex, multifiber, breakout, and bulk spool types. Each SteelPatch armor cable may be paired with LC, SC, FC, ST, MPO, MTP, or MTP Elite connectors. Supported fiber specifications include OS2, OM1, OM2, OM3, and OM4 along with lengths available from 1 to 150 meters.

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SteelPatch Armored Fiber Cables

SteelPatch Fiber Cables

SteelPatch Armored MTP Cables

SteelPatch MTP

SteelPatch Armored MTP Elite Cables

SteelPatch MTP Elite

SteelPatch Armored MPO

SteelPatch MPO

SteelPatch Armored Breakout

SteelPatch Breakout

SteelPatch Armored MTP Breakout Cables

SteelPatch MTP Breakout

SteelPatch Armored MTP Elite Breakout Cables

SteelPatch MTP Elite Breakout

SteelPatch Armored MPO Breakout

SteelPatch MPO Breakout

Available Configurations:

  • Single-mode and Multimode Fiber
  • SteelPatch Armored Jackets
  • Permutations of LC, SC, FC, ST, MTJR, MPO, MTP, & MTP Elite Connector Types
  • Duplex/Simplex/Multi-fiber (6-48) Fiber Count
  • 50/125μ, 62.5/125μ, 9/125μ Core/Cladding Diameter
  • Riser / Plenum rated insulation
  • UPC (standard) / APC (Angled) Polish
  • Applications:

  • Data Center Racks
  • Desktop/Network Connections
  • Indoor Networking
  • Heavy Duty- Indoor/Outdoor
  • Tactical/Military Harsh Enviornments