SteelPatch Armored Cables

SteelPatch Armored Cables

SteelPatch Armored Cables

OptoSpan presents military grade SteelPatch armored fiber optic cables designed for the harshest environments and most severe conditions without compromising flexibility. This premium steel cable maintains maximum protection with SteelPatch armored constructed from Kevlar and steel, to ensure uninterrupted optical information under heavy crush loads, natural destruction, or even animal damages, while additionally maintaining the premium flexibility needed for tight corners or spaces.

Choose between simplex, duplex, 6, 8, 12, 24, or 48 fibers in a SteelPatch Armored jackets in a variety of lengths. Each available in single mode or multimode for several permutations of LC, SC, FC, ST, and MTRJ connections with Ultra Polished or Angle Polished Connectors (UPC or APC). MTP/MPO & MTP Elite fiber and breakout style options available. SteelPatch armored cables available for purchase in bulk spool.

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SteelPatch Armored Fiber Cables

SteelPatch Fiber Cables

SteelPatch Armored MTP Cables

SteelPatch MTP

SteelPatch Armored MTP Elite Cables

SteelPatch MTP Elite

SteelPatch Armored MPO

SteelPatch MPO

SteelPatch Armored Breakout

SteelPatch Breakout

SteelPatch Armored MTP Breakout Cables

SteelPatch MTP Breakout

SteelPatch Armored MTP Elite Breakout Cables

SteelPatch MTP Elite Breakout

SteelPatch Armored MPO Breakout

SteelPatch MPO Breakout

Available Configurations:

  • Single-mode and Multimode Fiber
  • SteelPatch Armored Jackets
  • Permutations of LC, SC, FC, ST, MTJR, MPO, MTP, & MTP Elite Connector Types
  • Duplex/Simplex/Multi-fiber (6-48) Fiber Count
  • 50/125μ, 62.5/125μ, 9/125μ Core/Cladding Diameter
  • Riser / Plenum rated insulation
  • UPC (standard) / APC (Angled) Polish
  • Applications:

  • Data Center Racks
  • Desktop/Network Connections
  • Indoor Networking
  • Heavy Duty- Indoor/Outdoor
  • Tactical/Military Harsh Enviornments

  • SteelPatch Armored Datasheet

     SteelPatch Armored Datasheet

    SteelPatch Armored Cables

     SteelPatch Armored Cables