OTS - Long Haul 10G/40G

World's most cost effective Advanced DWDM Long-Haul Optical System

OptoSpan’s new OTS Series of Optical Transport Network (OTN) equipment provide a cutting-edge yet economical solution to C/DWDM multiplexing and digital wrapper technology! At the heart of the OTS Series Brochure OTS series are active CWDM/DWDM switch fabrics that integrate up to 8 transceiver modules into a single platform, thereby eliminating the need for expensive single purpose WDM and wavelength specific transceivers.

In conjunction to WDM and SDH multiplexing, the systems perform packet processing related to the mapping/de-mapping of packets into and out of OTN signals as well as 1+1 optical link protection and come with built-in automatic fail-over at no additional cost. OptoSpan's easy to deploy and cost-effective solutions for establishing reliable high bandwidth optical links, require minimal ongoing management and come with the smallest footprint in the industry!

Meet the OptoSpan OTS Family...

The modular design of OptoSpan's OTS systems make many configurations possible and can be custom designed according to a clients specific situation, needs or requirements. OptoSpan offers two series of modular parent chassis for custom configuration with the individual interface modules listed in the technical specifications section:

OTS-10 Advanced C/DWDM

OTS-10 Advanced C/DWDM Optical Transport System

Pioneering the future of multi-service Optical Transport Systems (OTS), the OTS-10 is designed for enterprises, carriers and service providers alike, who desire a cost effective long distance, high bandwidth and reliable network. Its unique platform integrates WDM and SDH multiplexing with onboard transponders, eliminating the need or requirement of expensive OEM transceivers for long distance links. This design provides seamless transport of 10G/40G ethernet or OC48 and OC192 SONET services. The 1U OTS-10 system is the most cost-effective Optical Transport System currently available in the industry and capable of WAN links up to 160km (250km with an EDFA optical amplifier) at 10G. Automatic hardware fail-over protection is included, which switches from main fiber to backup fiber when main fiber is disabled. This kind of functionality and performance is currently only provided by highly complex and expensive systems. The OTS-10 changes that today!

OTS-100 Advanced 100G Optical Transport

OTS-100 Advanced 100G Optical Transport Platform

The next generation of all-in-one Optical Transport Systems, the OTS-100 represents the future of cost-effective 100G WDM networking. With similar core functionality and capabilities as the OTS-10 system it additionally supports various 100G client services including 100GBASE-LR4, 100GBASE-ER4, and 100GBASE-SR10. The system is a turnkey 40G/100G solution for 80km box-to-box transmission but can be stacked for single or dual fiber connections to achieve bandwidth expansion up to 400G transmission across 160km (with EDFA). The combination of OTS-100’s footprint, capabilities, and cost usher in the future of affordable long distance, high bandwidth networking!

The OptoSpan OTN difference...

To summarize a quick overview and side by side comparison of OptoSpan Optical Transport Network Systems versus the traditional Telco C/DWDM & OTN solutions currently available in the market. The OTS series' compact and modular design with plug & play functionality make the OptoSpan OTS systems the perfect choice for Data Centers, Corporate Enterprises, and Academic Institutions or anyone in search of a high bandwidth, high range and highly reliable Optical Transport solution!

Parallel WDM and SDH networks Interconnected via optional expensive transpondersIntegrated WDM and SDH multiplexing with Included transponders


  • Complex and Expensive
  • Large vertical chassis systems
  • Optimized for telecom market
  • Complex configurations and planning

Next Generation

  • Simple and cost effective
  • Compact and stackable 1U system
  • Optimized for both Telecom and Datacom
  • Truly Turnkey – plug and play solution

Transceiver Requirements

  • Expensive CWDM/DWDM transceivers
  • Separate transceivers for each WDM wavelength
  • Manage wavelength use
  • Use of cheaper long-haul third-party transceivers which risks warranty issues with OEMs

No Special Transceivers!

  • Expensive CWDM/DWDM transceivers not required
  • Can use any existing transceivers
  • No wavelengths to manage
  • Use inexpensive short-haul OEM transceivers without warranty issues

Additional Charge based on

  • Transponders
  • Media Converters
  • Types of Services
  • Data Protocols
  • Bandwidth

Included in OptoSpan OTS

  • Transponders
  • Media Conversion
  • Multi Service Transport
  • All Data Protocols
  • 1-100G


  • Enterprise Centric
  • Inflexible Proprietary WDM

Enhanced Solutions

  • Data Center and Enterprise Centric
  • Flexible WDM based on EDFA, FEC, and DCM
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