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MTP Trunk Cables - Plenum

MTP FiberShield Specifications

The MTP Trunk Cable with Plenum rated insulation is the ideal choice for certain building regulations which require specialized material to minimize damage in the event of a fire. MTP® trunk cables with plenum rated fiber aid in reducing the amount of flammable materials through the construction of the jacketing material. Which is critical when installing fiber cables in walls, floor, and ceilings.

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OptoSpan’s 8, 12 and 24 fiber MTP trunk cables feature our new and exclusive FiberShield design. The FiberShield design uses three times the PVC jacket and DuPont Kevlar to protect the delicate optical fibers located inside the cables. resulting in a flexible yet robust 4.5mm cable that is 5x stronger than the standard 3.0mm cable.

Each plenum MTP trunk cable includes a high performance MPO connector variant known as the MTP fiber connector, redesigned by US Conec. The MTP fiber connector allows for significantly less signal loss to occur when mating with fiber optic equipment and remains fully compatible with MPO devices. MTP fiber connectors are best used in 40G/100G networks due to their high performance and durability, and various enhancements such as a floating ferrule designed to maintain a reliable connection.

SanSpot MTP network design engineers can evaluate your unique situation and recommend a suitable complimentary MTP trunk cable configuration, including determining MTP polarity methods. Please feel free to contact us at toll-free at 1-800-720-3860 or email

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The current most popular MTP to MTP trunk cable configurations are as follows:

MTP 8 Fiber – All 8 fibers are contained within a MTP fiber connector, most commonly used to connect QSFP+ transceivers for 40G data transmission.

MTP 12 Fiber – Containing 12 fibers per MTP connector, these MTP-MTP cables are used to provide data transmission speeds of up to 100G. Although are more commonly found in 10G, 100G, and links between patch panels.

MTP 24 Fiber – Two separate configurations are available for the 24 fiber MTP trunk cable. One containing two (2) MTP fiber connectors with 12 fibers each, and another with one (1) MTP connector containing all 24 fibers. While MTP 12 fiber connectors are used for 12 fiber MTP fiber cables as described above. MTP 24 fiber connectors are often used with either QSFP+ or CFP2 transceivers in order to achieve 40G or 100G data transmission speeds.

Higher fiber counts (up to 144) are essentially a combination of any of the above three configurations of MTP trunk assembly.

MTP® and MTP Elite® are registered trademarks of US Conec®. Each OptoSpan MTP Cable uses US Conec® MTP fiber connectors.