LTO-4 Tape Barcode Labels

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LTO-4 Tape Barcode Labels (LTO Ultrium 4)

LTO Ultrium 4 Tape Barcode labels for Data, Cleaning and Diagnostics Cartridges are sold by the sheet (20/sheet) and can be ordered according to custom specifications. Customization of LTO-4 Tape Labels in respect to:

LTO-4 Tape Label Orientation (see figure A)

(see figure A)

  • Bottom (Default)
  • Top
  • Left and
  • Right

LTO Tape Label Color Palette (see figure B)

(see figure B)

  • Hot (Default)
  • Warm and
  • Cool

If you need or wish to customize your LTO-4 Tape Barcode labels with specifications that are different from the defaults (Top orientation and Hot color scheme). Please indicate this as such in the comments/ special instructions section of the order form. In case you are uncertain about your tape labels' specifications, please scan and e-mail a copy of your current LTO-4 Tape label(s) to
For more information on any LTO Tape Barcode label, please download our LTO Label Reference Guide.
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LTO-4 Tape Barcode Labels, Part Number: LABEL-LTO-4

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LTO-4 Tape Barcode Labels

LTO-4 Tape Barcode Labels

Part#: LABEL-LTO-4

LTO-4 Tape Barcode Labels