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Media & Tape Cartridge Barcode Labels

Tape media labels to effectively catalog LTO Ultrium, DLT/SDLT, AIT/SAIT or any other tape media library. Custom printed barcode labels for accurate identification, storing and archiving of tape storage media. To download the tape label and media reference guide . Click Here

Tape Barcode Label Types:

LTO Ultrium Labels DLT / SDLT Labels 3480 / 3570 / 359X Labels
LTO Ultrium Tape Barcode Labels.
DLT and SDLT Tape Barcode Labels.
3480, 3590 and 3592 Tape Barcode Labels.
AIT / SAIT Labels UID Labels 9840 / 9940 / T10000 Labels
AIT and SAIT Tape Barcode Labels.
UID (Unique Identification) barcode labels (UID Labels, IUID compliant)
9840/9940/T10000 Labels

Custom Barcode Labels

Tape labels come in a range of standard color palettes or - schemes (hot, warm and cold) but customized palettes are available upon request. Please click to enlarge the individual tape label images to see standard and default options as far as palette and barcode orientation is concerned and in case options, different from the defaults are required, please indicate this in the comments field of your order. A unique label sequence is printed based on the information provided, including starting sequence, cartridge type, library make and model. If you are uncertain about the style or options of tape labels required, you may scan your existing tape labels and fax or email them , in order to print matching barcode labels for your specific purposes.

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