Breakout Fiber

from $42.75

  • Multi-fiber Breakout style Patchcords
  • Up to 144 Fiber strands per Assembly
  • Featuring Standard or Armored Jacket

LC/SC/FC/ST Fiber Optic Cable Tester for Troubleshooting Fiber Optic Cleaner for LC Connector 50/125 Multimode 1000m Bulk Fiber Optic Cable Spool (Duplex) - 1G Orange LTO-5 Tape Barcode Labels
MSRP: $200.00
Price: $162.65
MSRP: $90.00
Price: $68.75
MSRP: $891.00
Price: $660.00
Price: $12.00
Labels sold per sheet (20 labels/sheet)
1000 Meter Multimode (OM2) Bulk Fiber Optic Cable Spool | XXXX-BM202N3R0M LTO-5 Tape Barcode Labels
OptoSpan’s FIBER-TEST-LC (For LC, SC, FC, ST, E-2000 connectors) is a simple fiber optic cable tester that uses 650nm red light to pinpoint the location of any breaks and cracks in the single-mode or multimode fiber for up to 3km. OptoSpan’s Click&Clean-LC cleaner (For LC connectors) applies dry microfibers specifically designed for optical connectors to remove contamination. OptoSpan Duplex Multimode (OM2) Bulk Fiber Optic Cable Spool. 1000 Meter (Approx. 3000 ft) OM2 (Orange) Bulk Fiber Optic Cable Spool for 1G fiber optic networks. LTO-5 Tape Barcode Labels. Labels for Data -, Cleaning and Diagnostic LTO-5 Tape Media.

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