Breakout Fiber
from $42.75
  • Multi-fiber Breakout style Patchcords
  • Up to 144 Fiber strands per Assembly
  • Featuring Standard or Armored Jacket

50/125 Multimode 1000m Bulk Fiber Cable (Duplex) - 1G Orange 1U LC Patch Panel | 96 Port Multimode (OM3/OM4) MTP-MTP 30m 50/125 Multimode 12 Core Plenum MTP Armored Cable - 10G/40G Aqua BiDi Box 5 Optical Link Converter (1510~1610nm, BIDI-T01SXL-055)
MSRP: $1,086.75
Price: $805.00
MSRP: $2,625.75
Price: $1,945.00
TBD $734.74
Price: $544.25
MSRP: $2,295.00
Price: $1,595.00
1000 Meter Multimode (OM2) Bulk Fiber Cable | XXXX-BM202N3R0M 1U LC Patch Panel | 96 Port Multimode (OM3/OM4) 30 Meter Multimode (OM3) Plenum MTP Armored Cable | MTMT-SM312L3P30 BiDi Box 5 Optical Link Converter (BIDI-T01SXL-055)
OptoSpan Duplex Multimode (OM2) Bulk Fiber Cable. 1000 Meter (3280 ft) OM2 (Orange) Bulk Fiber Cable for 1G fiber optic networks. 96 Port LC-MTP/MPO 1U Angled Multimode (OM3/OM4) Fiber Optic Patch Panel OptoSpan 10G/40G Multimode (OM3) MTP-MTP Plenum MTP Armored Cable. 30 Meter (98 ft) 12 Core 50/125um Plenum MTP Armored Cable for use in OM3 fiber optic networks. Type: For 10G/40G Networks - OptoSpan Standard Polarity Method A - Key-up to Key-down (Polarity B or C optional), MTP Non-pinned (female)-Non-pinned (female). BiDi Box series model 5 Optical Link Converter. BIDI Box 5 Instant single strand bidirectional link within 1510~1610nm wavelength spectrum.

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