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Data Domain De-duplication
Storage Arrays & Appliances

  Data Domain DD-140 Data Domain DD-610 Data Domain DD-630 Data Domain DD-660 Data Domain DD-690 Data Domain DD-880 Data Domain DDX Array
  Data Domain
Data Domain
Data Domain
Data Domain

Data Domain

Data Domain

Data Domain
DDX Array

Raw Capacity

1.5 TB

Up to 6 TB

Up to 12 TB

Up to 36 TB

Up to 48 TB

Up to 96 TB

Up to 1.53 PB

Logical Capacity: Standard

17 TB

75 TB

165 TB

520 TB

710 TB

1.4 PB

22.6 PB

Logical Capacity: Redundant

43 TB

196 TB

420 TB

1.31 PB

1.77 PB

3.5 PB

56.7 PB

Maximum Throughput

450 GB/hr

675 GB/hr

1.1 TB/hr

2 TB/hr

2.7 TB/hr

5.4 TB/hr

86.4 TB/hr

Power Dissipation

215 W

329 W

329 W

575 W

564 W

1248 W

1248 W

Cooling Requirement

778 BTU/hr

1235 BTU/hr

1235 BTU/hr

1962 BTU/hr

1925 BTU/hr

4259 BTU/hr

4259 BTU/hr


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datadomain DD600 Series DataDomain DD690 Deduplication Storage Appliance datadomain DD880 Deduplication Storage Appliance
data domain DD600 Appliance Series Datadomain DD690 De-duplication Storage Appliance data domain DD880 De-duplication Storage Appliance
datadomain DD600 Appliance Series (DATADOMAIN-DD600) Data Domain DD690 De-duplication Appliance datadomain DD880 Appliance
DataDomain DD660 Deduplication Storage Appliance DataDomain DDX Deduplication Storage Array DataDomain DD630 Deduplication Storage Appliance
Data domain DD660 De-duplication Appliance Datadomain DDX Deduplication Storage Array Datadomain DD630 De-duplication Storage Appliance
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