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Heavy Armored MTP/MPO Multi-Fiber Optic Cables

Single-Mode and multimode heavy steel wire armored MTP and MPO fiber cables. Rodent resistant and suitable for all indoor and outdoor environments including harsh crush loads, oil, gas, and mining areas. Choose 12 fiber or 24 fiber strand MTP/MPO cables.

OptoSpan light armored fiber optic patch cables

Steel Armored Multimode MTP


Steel Armored Multimode MPO:

Steel Armored OM1 Multimode

Steel Armored OM1 Multimode:

Steel Armored OM2 Multimode

Steel Armored OM2 Multimode:

Steel Armored OM3 Multimode

Steel Armored OM3 Multimode:

Steel Armored OM4 Multimode

Steel Armored OM4 Multimode:

Steel Armored Single-Mode MTP


Steel Armored Single-Mode MPO:

Steel Armored OS2 Single-Mode

Steel Armored OS2 Single-Mode:

Featured Heavy Armored MTP/MPO Patch Cables:

3 Meter Single-mode (OS2) LSZH MTP Steel Armored Cable | MPMP-SS224H5L03 1 Meter Multimode (OM3) LSZH MTP Steel Armored Cable | MTMT-SM324H5L01 1 Meter Multimode (OM1) LSZH MTP Steel Armored Fiber Cable | MPMP-SM112H5L01 100 Meter Multimode (OM1) LSZH MTP Steel Wire Armored Cable | MPMP-SM112H5L0C
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