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Fiber Optic Adapter Plates (Loaded)

OptoSpan’s pre-loaded fiber optic Adapter Plates are designed to make the most of a limited space with high density network expansion, providing MTP/MPO connectivity between LC, LC APC, and SC fiber ports. Featured options include 6-port or 12-port duplex or 24-port quad single-mode or multimode connections. Available in High Density LGX Series and MPO Series. Create a complete fiber optic system by accompanying with OptoSpan’s high quality High Density and MPO Patch Panel Enclosures and Fiber Optic Cables designed to guarantee outstanding performance. Also accompany with any of OptoSpan’s Fiber Optic Transceivers to ensure premium quality fiber optic products that will create the finest optical fiber communication system.

    High Density series

    OptoSpan’s High Density (HD) series loaded LGX adapter plates are ideal for creating the ultimate fiber distribution system to fit any necessary requirements. Compatible with OptoSpan’s HD series panel enclosures, these adapter plates are available in 6-port or 12-port single mode or multimode duplex LC or SC LGX connections. Install up to three adapter plates per 1U of patch panel, or mix with OptoSpan’s HD series Adapter Cassettes.

    MPO series

    OptoSpan’s MPO series loaded adapter plates are guaranteed to assist in creating an ideal fiber distribution system for any area. These adapter plates are available in 24-port single mode or multimode quad LC choices, all compatible with OptoSpan’s MPO series patch panel enclosures. Install up to four adapter plates per 1U of patch panel, or mix with OptoSpan’s MPO series Adapter Cassettes.

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OptoSpan Fiber Optic Adapter Plates

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